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Insight: Capitol Chat / Flu Update / SF Sketchfest / Shawn Colvin

Published January 25, 2013

Capitol Chat - California Gov. Jerry Brown delivered his 2013 State of the State on Thursday and this year's message had a more positive bent than previous years. Congratulations to the people for raising taxes and the legislature for making tough cuts were handed out by Brown as he lauded a balanced budget, but he was also quick to remind everyone that we're not completely out of the financial woods yet. Today on Capitol Chat, we'll talk with political reporters Ben Adler and Dan Morain about the substance of the speech and what will happen next.

Flu Update - It's flu season - again - but this year, health officials are more concerned than ever. The virus seems to be infecting even more people than normal and it's become a serious problem for the extremely young and old, and those with on-going illnesses. Will a flu shot help? And how long does it take for it to be effective? As the flu moves into California, we'll get answers to these questions and tips on how to protect yourself from Dr. Stuart Cohen, UC Davis Professor of Infectious Diseases, and Dr. Olivia Kasirye, the Sacramento County Health Officer.

SF Sketchfest - Cole Stratton is doing big things in the comedy world. The Davis native hosts a hit podcast, "Pop My Culture," and he's the co-founder and co-director of SF Sketchfest, the San Francisco comedy festival that's been internationally recognized and critically acclaimed. Now in its 12th year, SF Sketchfest is a massive collection of talent and shows that play for more than two weeks at more than 20 venues throughout the city. It begins tonight and runs through Feb. 10th and will feature Drew Carey, Reggie Watts, Jeff Garlin, Kristen Schaal and Tig Notaro, amongst many others. We'll talk with Stratton about his career and why he does SF Sketchfest.

Shawn Colvin - Grammy-winning folk artist Shawn Colvin's much-anticipated new album "All Fall Down" has been praised by critics for it's beautiful vocals, honest emotion and impressive songwriting. Colvin has described the Nashville recording as a breakup album that deals with the pain of losing someone. She'll be in Northern California on Sunday, Jan. 27th for a concert at the new Performing Arts Center at Sacramento City College. We'll talk with her about her music and hear about her memoir, "Diamond in the Rough."


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